Our Peer Review Process

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The SHOC3K Project utilizes a peer-review editorial process to ensure published material is appropriately researched, evidence-based, factually accurate, and well-written. The process begins with your topic selection. We ask for a submitted draft within one month of selecting a topic. If more time is required, an email should be sent to the editor-in-chief.

Once the author has completed the draft in Microsoft Word according to the standardized format, the author sends a draft to our editor-in-chief, who views the draft first. If it is appropriate for further editing, he sends it to the associate editor-in-chief of clinical content, who will then evaluate the piece closely, often in association with another clinical editor.

If revisions are required, the associate editor-in-chief will send an email with a general overview of requested revisions, along with a draft containing tracked changes and comments detailing the requested changes. Once the author completes the requested changes, the piece is then resubmitted. The editors who originally reviewed the draft will evaluate the second draft. If no further changes are needed, the associate editor will send an email to the primary author stating the piece is accepted.  The piece is then formatted and placed on a schedule for publication on the website. If further changes are needed, the draft is returned to the author.  Accepted pieces are typically published online in two weeks to months after acceptance.